Camping Pack List

Camping can be a fun way to spend time with your canine companion. We have had a lot of questions about the gear we pack when we camp with our pup, so here is a list of things we bring when we're camping in the backcountry.

HIking with your dog requires specific gear. Here's what you should bring.

It might be easiest to identify the necessities first, and then add items that will enhance the experience for everyone.

First and foremost, your dog will need food, water, and safety. The "safety" includes things like a first aid kit (yes, for your dog!) space in your tent, and the proper leashes and tie-outs to make sure they stay within your control and within park rules. It's also important to make sure your dog is comfortable with the weather and temperature. If you're camping in colder months, bring a sleeping bag for your dog. In some types of weather, a coat/jacket and booties are also a good idea. There are other necessities like poo bags and a collar with proper ID. Enhance the experience by adding toys, things to chew, and treats for behavior and recall practice. There will be downtime at the campsite. Make sure you have the treats or chewable items to keep your dog occupied and out of trouble. We like to use bully sticks with Mason because they're lightweight and last a long time.

Here is a list of things we like to bring.

Dog Camping Pack List

  • Food (bring more than you need)
  • Bowls for food and water
  • Collar with ID
  • Leash with an extra carabiner
  • Tie-out lead
  • First aid kit (learn more about dog first aid here)
  • Poo bags
  • Warmth - Dog coat, jacket, booties, etc.
  • Sleeping gear
  • Clip-on waterproof light (we never camp without one!!
  • Long-lasting treats
  • Toys - balls, frisbee, flirt pole... whatever your dog likes to chase or play with


Things we don't bring that you might want to consider packing

  • Comb - Mason's coat just doesn't need it, but if you have a long haired dog you might find it handy for getting out burrs and other forest things
  • Booties - we have camped in sub-freezing temps before and Mason shows no sign of fatigue or cold with his paws, so we don't pack them. Your dog may be different.