Winter Overnight Backcountry Camping on Lake Michigan

Winter camping is a game on a completely different level. I have been camping in the snow on a few occasions, but never with a dog - let alone young Mason. At 8 months, his coat had grown in significantly in recent months, but he still needed extra insulation to keep him warm. We used a coat and backpack to help get the trip done comfortably. Learn more about the brand we love at our article about dog gear here. Also see more about the gear we packed for Mason here. (links coming soon). 

Mason's First Overnight Camping Trip on Lake Michigan

We took Mason to our favorite camping spot, nestled in the west Michigan sand dunes on Lake Michigan. Joining us were our friends and their dog Juno. I'd love to type more here, but I'm trying to finish up the site and so I'll be back with more soon.

Puppy Sibling Reunion!

Mason was reunited with his sister for only the second time after being adopted. They had grown so much and been away from each other for months... we wondered if they would remember each other. As soon as they sniffed each other, the reaction was instantaneous and the picked up right where they left off. It was a joy to see how much fun they had with each other, playing in an old baseball field so they could run freely with each other.

Early Morning Autumn Hike by the Creek

We frequently visit Fitzgerald Park in Grand Ledge to hike the trails. Follow along on one of those hikes, from November 2018. Have you practiced recall with your dog? See how we work on off-leash recall with Mason. Click here to read the article. (link coming soon)