Our Story

We believe dogs can be integrated into our lives as a result of good training and planning. We encourage you to bring the dog!


In August 2018, we saw a picture on Facebook of a tiny puppy that needed adoption. His first name "Mason" was our last name, so we had to go. Right? I had no intention of adopting a dog at the time - I travel for work, and I didn't think my lifestyle could support the attention that dogs deserve.

My wife convinced me otherwise, and charming little Mason won me over. On our way home, with Mason sitting in my wife's lap, I remember the feeling of being overwhelmed. We didn’t have a collar, didn’t have a leash or a crate or a bed... we didn’t even have dog food. We felt so unprepared to bring him into our family, but in our hearts we were more than ready. We just didn’t know it at the time.

That is how our journey with Mason began.

We have learned so much about traveling with our dog that we wanted to share our adventures, encouraging others to give their dogs the best life possible. After all - the love you show a dog will be returned tenfold.

About Drew

My name is Drew Mason, and I am a full time content creator. Whether it's with photography, videography, or work with social media, my passion lies in capturing and sharing the spirit of travel and illustrating the connection that we can only find in the outdoors.

I started making digital content as a hobby, bringing my camera with me on my backpacking trips. A decade later, I have found myself in an exciting and challenging career. In my free time, I like to capture the adventures I have with my dog, and this website is a result of our escapades together.

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